About the Journal

Journal of Dhammaduta

ISSN : xxxx-xxxx (Online)

Journal Publication Schedule : 2 issue (Issue 1: January - June, Issue 2: July - December)

Aim and Scope : Journal of Dhammaduta aims to support and promote the submission and dissemination of research articles, academic papers, book reviews, scholarly critiques, and special articles of a standard suitable for the public, elevating academic contributions to national and international recognition. It also strives to be a marketplace of knowledge, allowing for exploration, interpretation, and exchange of knowledge across various fields. In this regard, it welcomes articles in the fields of humanities and social sciences, including but not limited to Buddhist studies, philosophy, sociology, law, political science, anthropology, history, geography, arts and culture, community development, education, psychology, and interdisciplinary applied human and social sciences. It accepts articles in both Thai and English languages.