Usage Behaviors and Needs of Kasetsart University Knowledge Repository’s Users

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Thiranan Damrongson
Suraporn Khongphol
Supannee Hongthong


The purpose of the research was to study the usage behavior, problems and needs of Kasetsart University Knowledge Repository users for improving the services by using the systems logs, Google Analytics, and online surveys to collect and analyze user behavior. The results found that most users of Kasetsart University Knowledge Repository are students from agencies outside Kasetsart University and use it for educational purposes, which is consistent with most search queries related to educational materials. The most common problems were a lack of full-text files, the system was unstable, slow to process, and difficult to use. Most users required the system to be improved to make it easier to use and more efficient, added more up-to-date information covering all user groups and added full-text files. Therefore, guidelines for developing and improving Kasetsart University Knowledge Repository were as follows: 1) enhance the system for greater efficiency to meet user needs, 2) promote to expand the benefits, 3) collect and store more content and 4) improve the process for requesting permission to publish works.

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Damrongson, T., Khongphol, S., & Hongthong, S. (2024). Usage Behaviors and Needs of Kasetsart University Knowledge Repository’s Users. PULINET Journal, 11(1), 223–236. Retrieved from
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