Study and Development of Information Resource Service Model by Using Participatory Virtual World Technology

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Suwicha Sriwichai
Piya Palapunya
Asek Phetfuang


The purpose of this research was to 1) examine the information resource access needs and behaviors of individuals residing in Maejo Municipality, San Sai District, Chiang Mai Province, who are either employed or students there 2) Create a working model of a virtual world technology to access information resources and 3) calculate the price of utilizing virtual world technologies to enhance information resources further. The people who work or reside in Maejo Municipality and Maejo University comprise the study's population convenience played a factor in the selection of the sample surveys and meetings in small groups are among the tools employed. The study's findings revealed that 1) behavior and requirements pertaining to information resource access. The majority of them are students who use their smartphones to research topics online want to use virtual world technology to access information resources and display the cover page and table of contents page while presenting results in PDF format
2) a sample group of general Thai language books was specified and chosen throughout the development of a prototype system to construct the system, use PHP, JavaScript, HTML5, and MySQL programming languages to input data into the prototype system and generate QR and AR codes, first export the data from the automated library system ALIST, then import the data into the prototype system, print the codes on sticker paper, and affix them to book spines as a channel present in Augmented Reality 3) The price of additional development was discovered to have associated costs, such as database storage space getting ready with the data and tools enhancing the system's information resources and creating a 3D model as the system's graphical presentation format.

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Sriwichai, S., Palapunya, P. ., & Phetfuang , A. (2024). Study and Development of Information Resource Service Model by Using Participatory Virtual World Technology. PULINET Journal, 11(1), 176–188. Retrieved from
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