Improving the Efficiency of the Information Resources Delivery Process with e-Waybill System

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Nuttapatr budsau
Sompong Papavirawong


The objectives of this study are to (1) improve the process of delivering information resources to provide services of the Office of Documentation and Information, Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University from paper format to online format with the development of the e-Waybill system in the form of a web application that can receive and send lists, track and check the status of bills. It reduces steps and time in operations and (2) reduce the amount of paper used to promote sustainable environmental management. The target groups are librarians and staff working at central and regional libraries. Data were collected from focus group interviews and satisfaction assessments. The performance after the e-Waybill system was used showed that (1) can reduce steps and duration of the operation, and lead to the creation of Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is used as indicators of work efficiency. (2) reduce the amount of paper to support the university's operations under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a result of evaluated the system's efficiency and satisfaction with improvements in the overall information resources delivery process, it is at the highest level (average equal to 4.50)

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budsau, N., & Papavirawong, S. . (2024). Improving the Efficiency of the Information Resources Delivery Process with e-Waybill System. PULINET Journal, 11(1), 30–42. Retrieved from
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