New Information Resources ' Use Promotion Through Digital Platform

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Nisasil Traichiraarporn
Nattaporn Juydath
Kanthanut Kantantada
Jiranan Khaichaiyaphum
Thepparat Hanwaree


This study aimed to develop public relation pattern for promoting new information resources acquired in the library within one year which included academic and general printed and electronic. In order to make more access these kinds of information resources as much as possible, the library provides various platform as website, facebook, podcast, and virtual reality. The results reveal that
the users mostly prefer facebook (86%), website (9%), podcast (3%), and virtual reality (2%), respectively. Moreover, they also make perception as reading the content, sharing, suggesting, and following the channels as well as make more borrowing electronic book, printed book, and journal, respectively. Finally it is found that their satisfaction on virtual reality in book fair event is at the highest level (gif.latex?\bar{x} = 4.59)

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Traichiraarporn, N., Juydath, N., Kantantada, K., Khaichaiyaphum, J., & Hanwaree, T. (2024). New Information Resources ’ Use Promotion Through Digital Platform. PULINET Journal, 11(1), 55–67. Retrieved from
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