LifeOnLine: An Innovation to Enhance Library Services through the LINE Application

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Thammarat Phanphai
Worrawan Wandee
Anyanitha Distanont


Currently, applications (apps) are employed to increase efficiency, allowing users to access diverse library services easily and conveniently. Therefore, Thammasat University Library has developed the LifeOnLine system, operating through the LINE app by using PHP 7.1.26, Node.js, Tailwind CSS, and the MySQL and MongoDB databases. Available functions include book lending and renewal, notifications, creating QR codes for library access, study room reservations, and point accumulation. Within seven months after implementation, from late February until September 2023, over 5,425 people used the QR code service and over 4,000 used the LifeOnLine service. User satisfaction with the LifeOnLine system was at a high level (88.77%). Development and use of these apps are essential instruments to improve library services to meet today’s demands.

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Phanphai, T., Wandee, W., & Distanont, A. (2024). LifeOnLine: An Innovation to Enhance Library Services through the LINE Application. PULINET Journal, 11(1), 15–29. Retrieved from
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