Effectiveness of Plagiarism Detection by TurnItIn and Copyleaks

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Rattima Jeenapongsa
Khwantrakul Klinsukon
Sasithorn Tinamas
Piyathida Horpratoom
Chanchanit Ketnoi
Sarunyaporn Cholitkul
Matsaya Tapanapunnitikul
Patcharin Changtong
Siwanut Srisoontorn
Surintha Lasakun
Thuntiwa Pakdeepatrakorn
Nawaluk Sangsanit
Khwanchanok Wiriyakulopas
Chidchaya Saeliw
Nongluck Junta
Nainapa Ngao-koh
Chatrat Saengkhong
Kachatorn Khawruang
Supawadee Petchuensakul
Chaweewan Boontham
Premyuphol Bhurimpaiboon
Ratikorn Varavudhi
Napatsakorn Chotitananan
Sangduan Kammeesawang
Siwaporn Chatparsop
Aumporn Khaobang
Noppadol Aekphachaisawat
Chanpen Klomchaikhow
Sirinan Srion
Ratana Yamacharuen
Navarat Keawkaew
Anawat Katong
Niparat Srisuchat
Supranee Sorncharoen
Nattakit Chatchaikitkhachorn
Wannaporn Anuan


The objective of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of checking the similarity by TurnItIn and Copyleaks. The research team consists of 31 volunteers, including librarians and library staff or graduate students, who normally provide services for checking plagiarism for students, teachers, and researchers at their own institutions or have experience in using such software. They were from 20 universities located in 25 different areas. All participants received the same set of 14 documents and configured the programs according to the provided guidelines. The results showed that, in overall, TurnItIn had higher accuracy and precision in similarity detection compared to Copyleaks. However, both programs had similar capabilities in checking content from open access journals. Neither program fully supported checking Thai documents, whether they were copied, translated, or generated by AI. Additionally, the functions to exclude quotes and bibliographies/references were not complete. Therefore, these details need to be taken into consideration when using the similarity results.

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Jeenapongsa, R., Klinsukon, K. ., Tinamas, S. ., Horpratoom, P. . ., Ketnoi, C. ., Cholitkul, S. ., Tapanapunnitikul, M. ., Changtong, P. . ., Srisoontorn, S. ., Lasakun, S. ., Pakdeepatrakorn, T. ., Sangsanit, N. ., Wiriyakulopas, K. ., Saeliw, C. ., Junta, N. ., Ngao-koh, N. ., Saengkhong, C. ., Khawruang, K. ., Petchuensakul, S. ., Boontham, C. ., Bhurimpaiboon, P. ., Varavudhi, R. ., Chotitananan, N. ., Kammeesawang, S. ., Chatparsop, S. ., Khaobang, A. ., Aekphachaisawat, N. ., Klomchaikhow, C. ., Srion, S. ., Yamacharuen, R. ., Keawkaew, N. ., Katong, A. ., Srisuchat, N. ., Sorncharoen, S. ., Chatchaikitkhachorn, N. ., & Anuan, W. . (2024). Effectiveness of Plagiarism Detection by TurnItIn and Copyleaks. PULINET Journal, 11(1), 136–152. Retrieved from https://so14.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/PJ/article/view/543
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