A Development of the “Book Repair Tracking” System

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Ratchanont Ratana
Rakphao Theppan
Pathaithip Tuptong
Chanchira Chaiyasak


The book repair tracking system of the Learning Resources and Educational Media Center, Mae Fah Lung University. It was developed to be used to track the process of repairing books. This will make the staff aware of the process of repairing each book and allow them to store statistics on book repairs. Statistical information can be used to analyze the worth of repairs.

The system was designed and developed as a Web application. Then connect the details of the book from the database of the library management system to those displayed in the book repair tracking system. It had a function to search and display the book status via the barcode. Furthermore, the data will be processed in real time, allowing staff to view book status at any time via the website. That makes it easy to access. It also reduces the time and procedures for working that are redundant. The staff does not need to open multiple programs to work. Moreover, it can help to prioritize or hasten the repair of each book and send back the process status to the main system. The service user will be able to track the book repair status automatically. The system helps reduce the staff's workload and reduce errors between the library management system and the book repair tracking system.

From the implementation of the book repair tracking system, it was found that staff were satisfied at the highest level because the system can check and track the process of repairing books and is easy to use. There is a connection between the two systems mentioned above, so the staff can work more efficiently.

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Ratana, R., Theppan, R. ., Tuptong, P. ., & Chaiyasak, C. (2023). A Development of the “Book Repair Tracking” System. PULINET Journal, 10(2), 55–66. Retrieved from https://so14.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/PJ/article/view/209
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